Minutes of WHRF committee meeting held at The WH Club 7.30pm 23rd March 2023

Minutes of WHRF committee meeting held at The WH Club 7.30pm 23rd March 2023

Present Jo Plimmer-Chair, Sarah Mardle -Secretary, Sarah Chambers-Treasurer, Julia Scarth, Doug Robinson, Dave Plimmer,

Apologies for absence Joanna Davey, Charlie Chambers

Minutes of last meeting held 7th February 2023 were agreed and signed and will be posted on the Wookey Hole website.

Treasurers report Current balance in the WHRF account: £1,539.64 £520 is being held for the Parish Council grant (Neighbourhood Plan) Leaving a balance of £1019.64 Sarah C reported that the WHRF insurance is currently with Zurich & this covers us for up to 12 community events per year with up to 500 people.

Mendip Hill Projects Tree Planting Grant Sarah C reported that the application for a grant had not been successful, but Mendip Hill Projects had said they would work with Sarah C & help her re-apply.

Jo has asked Somerset Community Foundation for information re developing new village communications & they have replied requesting a meeting. Jo & Sarah to report back at next meeting.

The ideas for how to attach the tree plaques will be discussed at the next meeting.

Working Groups WH Community Space working group - Jo will report back once the group has done first tasks (exploring options) and met up again.

Traffic in Village - A preliminary report was submitted to Somerset County Council last year but no feedback has been received. Marcel Haydn had said last year that SCC would put up some signs, but no further info has been received regarding this. All the data collected during the investigations will be kept by Sarah C in case there is any future interest.

Communications WH Whats On Sarah M has agreed to produce this

WH Website alternatives Jo is going to meet Somerset Community Foundation for advice & report back at next meeting.

Sarah M has had a rough quote from a local web designer to create a new village web site with links to all the other businesses & clubs in the area. Jo suggested we meet to discuss options after her meeting with Somerset Community group.

Future Events The annual Bring & Share supper - Dates to be suggested at next meeting

King Charles Coronation 06/05/23 It was suggested that we could send out flyer to ask villagers what they want to do. Concerns were raised that we haven't got enough time left to organise a village event. Sandy has volunteered to organise a childrens’ activity stall if required.

Sarah M to check with WH Inn to see if anything is organised there. Julia to check with Church, Jo P to check with Sandy & Jenny, Jo to check with Caves & Circus. The WH Club has nothing currently planned.

Tree planting Now postponed until November '23 - Jo to report back after meeting with Somerset Community Foundation.

Glencott Cream Tea August '23, Charlie to ask Graham if this is possible, also to coincide with a cricket match - 6th, 13th August or 3rd September.

Julia has spoken to WH Inn & has a rough idea about costs for having a village meal there at the end of the year. The pub can seat up to 60 people & a week day event would require a min spend of £2000, a Frid/Sat event minimum £3500. It was suggested that the cost of the food could be subsidised by WHRF e.g. £20 per person. To be discusses further at next meeting.

Local Planning Applications None

Somerset Emergency Community Contacts Julia attended a Teams meeting with Daisy from Somerset Emergency Community Contacts (Lisa Pool from parish Council also present). Ivor Tetley has volunteered to be the emergency community contact for Wookey Hole.

AOB Julia reported that conversations around creating an oral history of the village are taking place (Tess Lipin, Elizabeth Rennie, Rob Hale, Paul Fisher & Dave Hudsmith). Jo suggested this might connect with ideas put forward by Colin about the Bus Shelter’s potential as a natural and local heritage hub. Both could perhaps be included in a Heritage Lottery Funding bid.

Julia has, after 3 years of great service, stepped down as Chairperson of the WHRF. The committee thanked her for all her work. Jo Plimmer has now taken up the role.

Next meeting 7.30pm 17th April 2023 in WH Club

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