Minutes of WHRF committee meeting held at The WH Club 7.30pm 3rd Nov 2022

Minutes of WHRF committee meeting held at The WH Club 7.30pm 3rd Nov 2022

Present Julia Scarth-Chair, Sarah Mardle -Secretary, Sarah Chambers-Treasurer, Joanna Davey, Jo Plimmer, Dave Plimmer, Charlie Chambers

Apologies for absence Doug Robinson

Minutes of last meeting held 8th September 2022 were agreed and signed and will be posted on the Wookey Hole website.

Feedback on AGM There was a good turn out of residents, the feedback was positive & plenty stayed on to enjoy some Wookey Ale donated by Sam Mills, some local cheese donated by Mike Pullen & some wine provided by the WH Residents Forum.
No councillors attended & it was agreed that next time we make sure they are personally invited.

Treasurers report
Current balance in the WHRF account: £1,800.53
£520 is being held for the Parish Council grant (Neighbourhood Plan) and
£540.73 for Let’s Weather the Storm (LWTS)
Closing balance after the above taken off £739.80
Sarah C  checked with Roger re money from protest around the Pyrolysis Plant & all moneys had been transferred to WHRF account in 2013.
LWTS money - this was donated by Elizabeth Rennie towards food delivery during Covid.
It was agreed, subject to Elizabeth Rennie’s approval, that 50% of this money would be donated to the Elim Church for the Food Bank at the Connect Centre & 50% would be used for the Coronation celebrations in the village on 06/05/2023.

Community Hall Closure Marcel Hayden from the Parish Council has confirmed that due to the poor condition of the Community Hall, it is not financially viable for repair & future use.
Julia & Joanna had a meeting with Chris Goodchild from WH Caves to see if there was a room that could be used for the Cinema Club & the Ladies Club. Chris confirmed that this could possibly be done if a room was available but couldn't guarantee it.
WHRF agreed to request a working group to look at possible venues in the village, The WH Club was a popular choice.

Future Events
2.00 - 3.30pm 26th November - Village walk to see year 2000 commemorative trees.
An hour and a half walk led by Julia and Doug, followed by seasonal refreshments at the Club.
Event has been promoted by emails, posters and website. All those interested have been asked to register interest via whrf email in order to know numbers for teas and scones.

The commemorative tree plaques are being held by Julia until a suitable decision are made on how to attach them to the trees.

11.00am - 3.00pm 3rd December - Come help plant trees
It was agreed that this event be moved to February 2023.
Sarah C to approach Mendip Hill Project re £2000 tree planting grant, closing date 25/11/22

January 2023 Bring & Share Supper - possible venue The Club, to be discussed further at next meeting.

06/05/23 King Charles Coronation If hotel is closed could caves car park be used for village party? to be discussed at next meeting.

WH Village Web Site John Clarke is happy to run Weebily Web Site. Sam Mills of Wookey Ales created the Club website and might be interested.  Jo had mentioned asking young people that might have ideas.
Sarah M reported that the items listed on the web site were being viewed regularly.
Alternatives to be discussed at next meeting.

Planning Applications No new applications at present

Traffic in Village Paul Cannon has sent a preliminary report to Somerset County Council.
Marcel Hayden has confirmed that SCC will put some road signs up.

AOB Jo Plimmer to speak to Colin Babb about wild garden planting by bus shelter.

Next meeting  7.30pm 7th February 2023 in WH Club

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