Minutes of WHRF committee meeting held at The Club 7.30pm 10th March 2022

Minutes of WHRF committee meeting held at The Club 7.30pm 10th March 2022

Present, Julia Scarth-Chair, Sarah Chambers-Treasurer, Charlie Chambers, Doug Robinson, Joanna Davey

Apologies for absence. Chloe Parrish, Sarah Mardle

Minutes of last meeting were agreed and signed and will be posted on the Wookey Hole website.
Julia reads letter of resignation from Roger Hancock, SC suggested a thank you card for Roger that Julia will write and send.
Julia discusses minutes from the last AGM, they will be sent out as a matter of principal to the Village, even though only three people attended

Treasurers report – Sarah C reported that the current balance is £1418.39 (£520 is being held for Parish council grant and £540.73 for LWST) Closing balance £357.66
Julia will connect with Ivor re the £540.73 LWST money to see if this is to stay with the Forum, or not

Road working group
Sarah informs of meeting with Mile Pullen and Paul Cannon, Paul has written a brief report for SCC, when there is a response from this a full report will be written for SCC but will be circulated to the Village first

Local Planning Applications
Planning for The Billiard Room application were discussed, there has been an increase in the size of the application which the Parish Council have recommended for refusal.  Julia has asked Doug to send the details of the application to Mike Pullen.  SC to email Mike Pullen for more information.  It was discussed whether the Forum should alert the Village to this planning as the planning notice was displayed very briefly – Julia will draft email
Julia proposed, for the next AGM, to remove Elm Close and Haybridge from the constitution

Village Obituaries
Julia proposes that all Villagers should be included in a list of obituaries, and proposed that we should ask family and loved ones first

Future Events
Bring and Share 7th May
Picnic for Jubilee – it was discussed to have a picnic and tree planting plan for the Autumn, possible date 5th June, possible location is cricket grounds at Glencot
No Summer fete this year as Sandy cannot commit to organising this event
Can we generate more interest in the Forum by holding these events.  Joanna to create a flyer for the dates of the events.

AOB – Sarah Mardle’s position of Secretary and Julia’s position of Chair – both have expressed they would like to step down from these roles and the positions are therefore available if anyone would like to take them

Next meeting  
Planning meeting for Bring and Share Thursday 21st April at 7.30
Next Cttee meeting 9th June


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