Planning Application Wells Road

Planning Application 2017/0022 - Bovis Homes, Wells Roadhouseconstruction.jpg

The parish council’s planning board met on 15 November to discuss the Bovis Homes development of 203 new homes. Without any input from village residents, I was only able to reiterate the feelings expressed in June at the WHRF AGM. In the event, the parish council voted against the latest planning application from Bovis Homes citing the objections filed on the MDC planning portal, and technical objections.

Your local district councillor, Cllr Mike Pullin, does not yet have a firm date for the MDC Planning Board hearing - 20th December is a possibility. HOWEVER, both Cllr Pullin and your North Ward parish councillors strongly encouraged residents to speak at the Planning Board meeting on the PLANNING reasons they do / do not want this development, e.g. inadequacy of infrastructure to cope with increased traffic (expansion of ‘rat-runs’), parking and narrowing of roads, added pressure on local services (doctors surgeries, dentists, policing, schools etc.) and social services. (Note, only valid planning reasons have impact, personal opinions about too much housing, etc are disregarded).

Cllr Ed Danson

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